About the Project

These models are created by photogrammetry, and will continually update. By 3D modeling archaeological artifacts, we hope to create an easy access that can facilitate both the generated databases as well as archaeological knowledge.

Our Team

The Institute of History and Philology's Project to Digitally Innovative Academic Settings
Sub-project: Innovating Digital Archives for Archaeological Data

Project Director         邱斯嘉(2019.03~)、李匡悌(2015.10~2019.02)
Co-Project Director   林玉雲(2002~)、林圭偵(2015~2017)
Photographer            施汝瑛
Staff Member            溫子軍、金宜蓉、李怡萱、吳巧文、包沛文
Special Thanks          內田純子、陳以琳
Additional thanks and gratitude to the past colleagues 黃婷鈺、陳佳翎、林亭妏、呂雅婷、王彥軒、莊慈

Contact us

Tel: 886-2-27829555#692. 232. 289