Inscribed Tortoise Plastron

Accession No. R041287
Period Shang Dynasty
Material Bones
Findspot Pit No.127 Hsiao-t'un, Yin-xu Site
Geographic Location Hsiao-t'un village, Anyang, Honan province, China
Dimension L. 13.7 cm; W. 12.2 cm


This oracle bone (Bing Bian247-248) dates to the reign of King Wu Ting. “㱿” was the name of the diviner. The inquiry concerns the birth of a child to Queen Fu-hao of King Wu Ting. It predicts the fortune and gender of the baby from the date of birth.

(Product from Museum of Institute of History and Philology: 文物3D數位修復程式開發及相關軟硬體設備計畫)