Ornament Made of Pig Canine

Accession No. T0030693
Period Iron Age
Material Tooth
Findspot Shih-san-hang Site
Geographic Location Dinggu Village, Bali District, New Taipei City
Dimension L. 10.0 cm


Artifacts made of bone, antler or teeth have been rarely reported from the Shih-san-hang Site. This artifact is made of ground pig tusk. Two holes have been drilled at alternate ends of the tusk, one at the root and the other at the tip, possibly for threading a cord and allowing for it to be worn as a pendant. Some black spots are present on the surface.

Archaeologists argue the prehistoric Shi-san-hang people not only hunted wild boar but also relied on pig husbandry as one of their food sources. Moreover, parts of the animal that were not consumed provided material for tools and ornaments. Thus, this artifact can provide clues for the prehistoric subsistence, economy and culture of the Shi-san-hang people.