Jar with Fine-toothed Comb Decorations

Accession No. T9700021
Period Neolithic
Material Pottery
Findspot Wan-gang Site
Geographic Location Anding Village, Anding District, Tainan City
Dimension H. 21.1 cm; Caliber 10.3 cm; Diam of shoulder 16.2 cm


This grey jar is open at one end; it has a long curved neck above a rounded shoulder, an ovate body and a round base. It was used as a burial vessel, and thus reveals an aspect of the mortuary practices of the Wu-shan-tou phase of the Da-hu Culture. A common burial of the time involved burying an individual in a deep grave pit with the body placed in an extended prone position. Regarding mortuary goods, only a small number of ornaments were found; instead, they buried pottery vessels for food storage above the grave pits that were aligned with the position of the head of the buried individuals.