Shell Spoon

Accession No. T0210044
Period Neolithic
Material Shell
Findspot Suo-gang Site
Geographic Location Suogang Village, Magong City, Penghu County
Dimension L. 10.5 cm; W. 1.2~3.3 cm; D. 0.2 cm


This artifact is a worked shell piece that has a curved shape like a spoon. With an elongated outline, a narrow top and a wide bottom, it is thin and delicate but nevertheless well preserved. Over the body there are apparent grinding marks, while along the edges the artifact is well-polished. On top of the piece is a drilled hole, possibly allowing for a cord to be threaded through and thus the artifact to be worn as a pendant. It showcases how prehistoric people in the Penghu Islands used marine resources with creativity and reflects the characteristics of its time.